My Sinuses Cannot Stop Me!

When you’re sick, and your kid’s sick, it’s hard to get any writing done! Also, obviously I’v been setting up my website. However, last Saturday, my mom took my daughter for the morning, and I was able to drag myself to the computer and work. I’m working on a “secret” project, but, you read it here first — I’ll tell you what it is!

I’m about 40 pages into my first romance novel. It’s a m/m paranormal historical romance. I don’t want to give out the working title yet, because I think it could give away the ending. So far, it tells the story of a shy young man named Grayson who is secretly in love with his sister’s fiance. But, that’s not his only problem… his sister was bitten by a werewolf!

I’m reading Anne Rice’s The Feast of All Saints. It’s interesting to me because I think it’s pretty brave for a white writer to tackle the story of people of color in historical New Orleans. But everything Anne does she does balls out, and you just have to go along for the ride. In the 70s I think they probably didn’t ask as many questions about appropriation. I can overdo the Anne Rice (like when I read the Mayfair Witches trilogy I was like “gah, can we finish this?”) but it’s been a long time, and I’m glad to return to her lush world. She’s definitely a huge influence on me and shares that equally with Stephen King. From Anne, I learned that you should follow your heart and write about anything you want, even if your obsession is lusty vampires (sorry, that doesn’t go for you, Stephenie Meyer), as long as you are a technically skilled writer who doesn’t hold back.

Love you, don’t forget to be excellent to each other,