I always suggest you contact your local independent book store (preferably one owned by Black or brown folks) and ask them to order books instead of going to Amazon. Jeff Bezos has enough money. You can do that with Legendary! Otherwise Amazon if you must.

Order your copy of Humans Wanted here to read my story “A Second Zion.” This is the ONLY place where you can read my action-packed science fiction tale!

Check out my short story “Our Lady of the Crossroads” in Issue #2 of Wizards in Space Literary Magazine. Buy your copy here!

Check out my comic series Ms. Van Helsing, a self-published comedy/horror series you can buy right now on Click here!

What is Ms. Van Helsing? This comic tells the story of a middle school teacher who happens to slay vampires by night. Volumes 1-2 available now. If there is interest and I sell some books, I would be delighted to continue the ten issue series!

(I create comics under the pen name Mina Carol)