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I’ve called myself a writer at some points in my life, and other times — like most writers, I think — I’ve called myself a fraud. But I’ll never forget when I first felt like a writer — third grade, Mrs. Stoll’s class, my first ever creative writing unit. While other kids struggled to come up with ideas, I couldn’t stop my pencil as it tore across the page. My magnum opus that fall was a multiple-chapter Superfudge fanfiction. I’ll never forget the feeling of power and possibility.

I wrote a lot as a child and a teen. It’s what I did for fun, especially when school was boring. And by a lot, I mean multiple 200 page novels. I went to college to teach English because I knew that’s what my idol, Stephen King, did to pay the bills while he wrote. The next thing I knew I’d been teaching for eight years and I wasn’t a writer. I was 30.

My New Year’s resolution that year was to give this writing thing a serious go. Now, almost three years later, I’m not famous yet, but I’m on the path, I hope, to making this my primary career. I’ve won short story contests, and been published in literary journals and poetry collections. I am so thankful to my family for their support, and I hope that you find something on this site you’d like to read!

To read my work, click the link above!

I call myself a renaissance writer because I’m a renaissance reader. I will read pretty much anything. I don’t have a specific genre I’m stuck in, and I write the same way. I believe what Faulkner says about reading the classics and the trash, and learning from each. My blog “I Know What I Know” is similarly omnivorous. You’ll find posts on there about everything from body image to cooking to the history of wax museums.

I love talking to people about my work, so please contact me! Click the contact link to find my email and social media. Always looking for connections and opportunities. 

I have an MA in Teaching and Learning, and I teach for more reasons than just to pay the bills! I love what I do, and I’ve learned so much about life, reading, and writing by teaching English at the secondary level.

I live in Iowa City with my husband, my toddler daughter, and our three spoiled cats. I love to travel, specifically to France and New Orleans. I read, write, knit, cook, and try to learn a little French here and there.




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