First Update in a YEAR?!?

Good heavens to Betsy and tarnation and holy cow! Big off and ope all over this. 

I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve updated my website with writing news. I apologize for the massive absence. I feel like I have an excuse — I did write, edit, and publish a novel in that time. Yes, you read that correctly! 

But first, some other news. I started a Teachers Pay Teachers store where educators can purchase units and other resources I’ve created. I mention this here because I most definitely use writing skills when drafting these products. I want to focus on educational games, specifically what I call Learning RPGs. Maybe EduRPG would be a catchier name? What are your thoughts? Anyway, these simplified tabletop role-playing games are usable in any subject/content area. All you have to do is provide the math problems/review questions/equations to balance, whatever you want the students to do. In order to solve the RPG quest, they need to answer the questions correctly. If you are a teacher, or a friend of a teacher, please direct them to my shop. My games are highly engaging and guaranteed to get your students excited! I write these for grades 7-12. I hope to have a wide variety of adventures up soon. Right now, my first game is a spy mission!


I need to get paid.

In other news, I have finished the first very rough draft of Retinue of Lost Ones, which I’ve been publishing on Wattpad. This story’s working title was I Was a Teenage Necromancer! It details the adventures of Shane Elliot, a high school student who not only sees dead people, but can tell them what to do. When a new girl comes to town, trailed by a mysterious but utterly malevolent spirit, Shane must find a way to help her. I look forward to moving into the editing stage. At that point, I’ll be looking for beta readers 🙂

I’m very excited to announce that stories I’ve written will appear in two new anthologies that should be coming out soon. The first story is “The Pearl,” written for the Iowa Writers’ House Writers’ Rooms anthology Writers from the Depths. “The Pearl” tells the story of a young woman who feels she has no way out of her life, and throws herself into the ocean. Beneath the waves, she finds a mystical creature that changes the course of her life forever. Awhile back I wrote a story called “A Mother’s Song” for an anthology called Unlocking the Magic, edited by the fabulous Vivian Caethe, who I worked with for Humans Wanted. Unfortunately, my story didn’t make the cut, but I managed to get it into another anthology with the same editor I worked with for Enter the Rebirth. “A Mother’s Song” follows the struggles of a court bard battling postpartum depression. Witches, Warriors, and Wyverns can be purchased here. 

In non-writing related news, I moved! My family and I left our 900 square foot condo for a 4,250 square foot former Catholic church that we are remodeling into our home! Yes, it’s a HUGE job, and it is cutting into my writing time, but this was an incredible opportunity that can’t be ignored! Once we have more of the renovations done, I’ll try to post some pictures. 


Last, but assuredly not least, my novel Legendary was released in November of 2019. At last, James and Arthur’s legendary love story is out there for everyone to read and enjoy. Copies can be purchased on Amazon, and I hope to have them in local bookstores soon. I’ll be doing a book signing at Beaverdale Books in Des Moines on 2/8 from 1-4. Legendary also earned a Kirkus starred review!

I am a published novelist. That is some bucket-list shit right there. 

Halloweenapalooza 2017!!!


I made my fundraising goals which means that, thanks to all you beautiful folks, I get to have my very own vendor table at this fantastic event!


I am so grateful for all the financial help. I’ve spent a lot of the donations already on getting some books to sell, as well as incidentals like picture frames to hold my informational posters/flyers, getting stuff printed, etc. I still have a LOT to do, but I’m so AMPED to do this event! My first author table eeeeeeeeeee!!!!

The table is primarily to promote the horror anthology My American Nightmare (where “We Kill the Skull Man” appears) but I’ll have a few special Amelia Kibbie things as well. Here’s what I’m selling:

  • candy cauldrons — adorable decorative cauldrons stuffed with an assortment of Halloween goodies including candy blood and eyeball lollipops!
  • adorable black kitty cat bookmarks
  • My American Nightmare t-shirts
  • Stickers
  • syringe pens with “blood” inside!
  • Copies of Humans Wanted, a sci-fi anthology where my story “A Second Zion” appears.
  • Anything else I think would sell that I grab between now and then!

I’m also doing a raffle. All you have to do is put your name on my emailing list or like my author page on Facebook, and I’ll enter your name in a drawing to win a prize! First prize is a copy of Humans Wanted, second prize is a copy of My American Nightmare, and third prize is a signed copy of one of my short stories (your choice of story).

Last but not least, my editor sent me a zombie cutout for selfies! Free zombie selfies and trick-or-treat candy of you come and visit.

I know my people are from the Iowa City/Cedar Rapids/Mount Vernon area, but if you’re looking for something to do on October 14th from 11:30-8 (with fun stuff after!) please come check out Halloweenapalooza. Click here to see ALL of the amazing events they’re offering for you to enjoy some spooky fun!


SPECIAL THANKS to the following folks who made this event possible:

Jenna Voss

Laura Gray

Ben Clayton

Adam Bell

Jan Scharnberg

Holly Berg

Rachel Salazar

Leigh Joseph

Jon Eves

Azzura Nox


PS: My short story “The Kitchen at the End of the World” was accepted into a post-apocalyptic anthology called Enter the Rebirth. Check it out!


My First Author Event!

Greetings clever readers!

Just a quick update — I’m working with the editor of My American Nightmare to put together a vendor table for Ottumwa’s lovely Halloweenapalooza on October 14th. This will be my FIRST AUTHOR EVENT EVER!!! I will be dressed in a costume of some kind, selling stickers and tee-shirts as well as promotional electronic copies of the anthology.

If you are interested in supporting me in my endeavors, here are a couple of things you could do to secure a place in the Halls of the Hallowed Readers/Valhalla:

  1. Come to the event! Mark your calendars! The event page I linked has all the info and I’ll post more details as it gets closer. Come by the booth and support me and all the lovely authors who contributed to My American Nightmare! (I may be selling a few copies of Humans Wanted as well!)
  2. Please consider donating to my gofundme page. I need help with gas money, paying for the booth, and other incidentals. You can contribute here:

Thanks for everything. I love it when fall comes and things start to get spooky. You know what goes well with pumpkin spice lattes? Horror anthologies full of amazing female writers!!!


Pre-orders and author copies of Humans Wanted (a sci-fi anthology my story “A Second Zion” appears in) are out!!! When mine came in the mail I had to squee a little bit. When my sister-in-law asked me to sign her copy I was pretty much having a crap attack. My very first author signature in a book containing my words!!! It was a pretty singular and amazing experience.

So, if you didn’t get a chance to pre order your copy, Vivian, the editor, will have everything settled with Amazon sometime in August. Of COURSE I’ll let you know when copies are available to the general public.

I have just started the joyous reading of the rest of the stories in this incredibly inspired anthology. If you’re tired of reading about how humans are crap in most sci-fi universes, this is the book for you.



Also we have a cover and a release date for the ebook-only anthology My American Nightmare which features my story “We Kill the Skull Man.” I adore it and can’t wait to read everyone else’s story. Probably be up all night shakin’ in my booties because they’re so spooky!

This collection comes out on HALLOWEEN! (muahahahaha)

My American Nightmare - High Resolution


Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


Editors Know Best!

I heard back from Vivian, my editor for Humans Wanted, and she had some excellent notes for my story. Of course, just like when I was a teenager and my mom would try to give me advice, when I first read edits and suggestions of any sort, I always get huffy. “Well, I MEANT to use that word there, thank you very much!”

Then I re-read the comments and start making changes, and all of the sudden it dawns on me (with this music in the background). “Oh my God. This is so much better now that I’ve taken those suggestions!”

It happens each time without fail! I wish I could skip over that initial huffy phase (even if it only lasts about 90 seconds) and go right into the grateful stage. I suppose that happens with time! So typical — I’m great a dishing it out, but terrible at taking my own medicine.

In other news, I have written 50 blog posts on my blog I Know What I Know, which seems like SO MANY. I swear, very few of them are rants. Check them out. They will be relevant to your interests. This is because each post is radically different. I write about soup, wax museums, and that time I rode in a Lyft. There’s bound to be something you wanna read about.

I haven’t heard anything, but I’m still holding out hope to have a story in “Ride the Star Wind” which is a Cthulhu space opera anthology. The close date was January 31st but I haven’t heard one way or the other. I suppose I’ll wait until the end of the month and contact them. Fingers crossed?