Here We Come a’Wassailing (but not a’writing…)

Oh sweet Queen of Heaven, I have written PRETTY MUCH NOTHING LATELY! ACK!

Well, here’s my story/excuse/”the deal” — My husband, daughter, and I attended NCTE and AREA (English teacher conferences for those who don’t know “the lingo”) and then drove down to the glorious Jekyll Island for Thanksgiving.

When we got home, it was November 28th, and I realized I had exactly NOTHING done for Christmas. No parties planned, no decorations, no meals, no gifts.

It was almost enough to say, “Screw it, we’re not doing Christmas this year.”


My face was literally this pug

But then I saw my husband’s sad glistening little Christmas-loving eyes… he is a major Christmas fan, but because of grad school and finals, I knew it was all up to me. So I abandoned all my writing projects and kicked my ass into SAVE CHRISTMAS MODE!!!

As of this writing, successful gatherings have been thrown together, the festivities are scheduled, cards sent, photo ops with Santa perfected, the menus achieved, and the SHOPPING DONE (as is MOST of the gift wrapping). I would call Christmas 90% saved (assuming something doesn’t go wrong… DAMN I JINXED IT!).

So, I’m going to do my very best to get back on track with the writing. I hope to get a lot accomplished over the break, but… we’ll see.


This is obviously a painting of me. Because this year, I AM SANTA. I HAVE SAVED CHRISTMAS! (just ignore the burning German toys at my feet– just pretend they’re my writing hopes and dreams) (but she kinda looks like me, amirite?)

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